Cooperation issues between the Central Asian countries and the USA discussed within the “C5+1” format

On the 15th of July 2021, the talks in “C5+1” format were held in Tashkent between the heads of external policy agencies of the countries of Central Asia and the U.S. delegation led by the Homeland Security Advisor Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall. The U.S. Special representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad also attended the meeting.

During the talks, the parties discussed the key vectors of cooperation between the countries of Central Asia and the U.S.A. in political-diplomatic, trade-economic and cultural-humanitarian spheres. Combatting the climate change and ecological problems, developing transport-transit potential of the region were voiced among the priority directions of collaboration.

A constructive exchange of views took place on strengthening the connectivity between the Central and South Asia in accordance with the theme of the High-level International Conference taking place in Tashkent.

The parties expressed interest in the advancement of diplomatic dialogue aimed at the reinforcement of cooperation on countering the threats and challenges to regional security. The Afghan issues were considered. The participants of the meeting expressed commitment to the establishment of stable and smooth conditions facilitating the peace process in Afghanistan.

Upon completion of the talks, the participants adopted a Joint Statement.